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Win a prize from Kamyaniy gist!

Group "Kamyaniy gist" declares the draw of the disks in the framework of the project "Rock-revival". We remind you that recently the band released the album "60/70", which included the world's rock hits 60-70's, translated into the Ukrainian language.

The essence of the contest is simple: participants are invited to come up with the idea for the clip for the acoustic version of the song "Pid plach gitary moyei" / While my Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles). Three best ideas will be awarded drives in the evening and communicate with the musicians in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Your ideas are welcome at muznyashki@gmail.com. End date of the contest is 1st February.

Український рок-н-роллOn January 17, you have the opportunity to mingle with the musicians "Kamyaniy gist" live radio "Promin" (frequency and online broadcasting).

Let's talk about the end of 2012, the album "60/70" and plans for the future. When will be presented a disc with copyright songs? Would there be a continuation of the project "Rock-revival"? All this and more this Thursday at 22:08 in a live program "Ukrainian rock-n-roll". Presenter - Olga Smolyar.

Each caller can get a unique presentation copy of the album "60/70" !

Phone live: (044) 239-60-19

2012 from Yuriy Veres. Especially for Rock.kiev.ua

Briefly about bygone 2012 and plans for the future.
That in General brought 2012 "Kamyaniy gist" and for you personally?
A year of experience, new songs, new album.
There were things you had planned back in 2011 (or earlier) for 2012, and they came true? And which were not?
It had all been done! However, I had a dream about a suitcase with a million dollars and a world tour... Sure, still to come...

Dear friends!

Wishing you all a happy holidays! We wish good luck and inspiration!

New year's eve look on our website musical gift album "60/70" in the public domain.

З Новим роком!