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16.12.2012 at 19:08 on radio Era-FM (96 fm) is a replay of Pora rocku from December 14

The one who missed the broadcast of the program "Pora rocku" December 14 is a great chance to hear her repeat 16 December at 19:08 on radio Era FM (96 fm).

Studio guests - a group Kamyaniy gist, which was recently presented album "60/70". During the live broadcast took place on radio Premier of the song "Safarboy carnem" (Paint it Black), as well as the drawing disk.

The programme also gave a lot of selected music, a common theme of stone and guests, several discoveries, such as - quite an interesting Kazakh musicians and original Chelyabinsk "Ariel", accompanied by interesting facts from one of the most intelligent leading radio space.

We are sincerely grateful to the author and host of the program "Pora rocku" Andriy Kulykov for a pleasant and interesting conversation and a friendly atmosphere.

Congratulations again to all who took part in the competition, called and got the CD! The album "60/70" now listen to Zaporozhye, Melitopol, Dnepropetrovsk and Kamenetz-Podolsk!

Today! The draw of the album 60/70 on live radio Era FM

14 December at 20:08 listen to the radio "Era FM". Today's guest of the program of Andriy Kulykov, "Pora rocku" - Yuriy Veres. Turning to the live Studio, you can get the band's new album "gist Kamyaniy" - "60/70".

Ty skazhy meni, druzhe - new song from the album 60/70

Your attention to a new song of "Kamyaniy gist" from the new album "60/70", presentation of which will take place on 12.12.12 in Kyiv club "Bochka Pyvna".

"Ty skazhy meni, druzhe..."