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Hear first - the demo version of the lyrical ballads from the album 60/70 in the public domain!

The band Kamyaniy gist are pleased to announce that the accumulation of musical material of the album "60/70" - the first album project Rock Revival is almost complete. Now begins the process information records. Last preparations and the musical work of many months will not only listen, but also to hold in your hand. Now we bring to your attention a demo version of one of the most lyrical songs of the forthcoming album - the ballad of George Harrison "Pid plach gitary moyei" ("While my Guitar Gently Weeps" George Harrison).

Active work on the project Rock revival

Nearing completion of the recording of the album "60/70", in which the lyrics of the famous Western rock-group 60's, 70's are performed in Ukrainian language. This is as close as possible to the original meaning. Not only created his own arrangements, but also completely changed the nature of some songs. Expect a track-list and the date of the presentation of the plates in the news group already in the near future!
And now we offer your attention the photos from the rehearsal process, which creates the record.
Photos from Maria Nikolaeva on the page "In contact"

Tripilske Kolo 2012. The festival was a success!

Last week I finished the fifth festival "Tripilske Kolo", which the group "Kamyaniy gist" put a positive final chord. The musicians played a full-fledged program, under which the audience danced merrily, joyfully sang, smiled and danced. The concert also showcased several songs from the new project "Rock revival", the presentation of which "Kamyaniy gist" to be held in fall this year. Nice thanks to the support of listeners, we also received great pleasure from the concert. Thank you all!
"Tripilske Kolo" this year was very interesting and well organized.
The festival was a success!

Photo report from Sergey Minenko
A photo essay from Maria Nikolaeva

Trypilske Kolo 2012 will be completed under the old Blues shaman!

On 1 July, the group "Kamyaniy gist" my performance will conclude the musical part of the V International festival "Tripilske Kolo". Listeners can expect a lot of positive music and the song "Blues shaman", an updated version which "Kamyaniy gist" prepared especially for the festival. "Tripilske Kolo", is a vivid ethno-festival which has become an important cultural event of the country. No accident that he elected image event in the Championship of Europe on football Euro-2012.

Yuriy Veres on radio Era FM

09.06.2012 18:08 listen live on radio "Era FM" (96,0 FM). The guests of the program "Pora rocku" by Andriy Kulykov, the leader of the group "Kamyaniy gist" Yuriy Veres. Let's talk about literature, about the impact of your favorite books on creativity and attitude. Help the works of prominent writers in search of inspiration, and what books are worth reading musicians.
All this and many other novelties, in particular one of the original songs from the forthcoming album "Chateau-Gaillard", in the format of a pleasant conversation with interesting people. Join us!. All listeners and Zvonilov waiting for the traditional program "Pora rocku" contest!
Phone live: 044 536-96-00