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Happy Journalist Day!

Dear journalists and representatives of mass media of Ukraine!
Please accept my sincere congratulations on your professional holiday!
Wish you great circulation and replenishment of the readership, a wide range of broadcast and grateful listeners, vivid stories and original ideas, persistence in achieving new heights and only good news.
Happiness and family wellbeing! Don't let cheating on you luck and creative inspiration!

Group "Kamyaniy gist"

Summer will start on Friday at “Underground Music Hall”

1 June at 20:00 at “Underground Music Hall” (Moscowsky prospect, 13C) group “Kamyaniy gist” meet summer's big two-hour concert. At this concert will have everything: ballads, rock-n-roll, medieval motifs and even... Blues Shaman! One of the surprises of the evening – the Ukrainian version of the song George Harrison "While my guitar gently weeps". This is the second thing from the project "Rock revival", which the group included in its concert program. The scene the song was first performed on may 19 at a joint concert with the group "Krematoriy" and was very warmly received by the audience. Radio debut was on may 25 in the program "Pora rocku" on radio Era-fm.

The Beatles remix in Ukrainian on radio ERA-fm in the program of Andriy Kulykov Pora rocku

May 25 20:08 listen to the second song from the project "Rock revival" performed by the group "Kamyaniy gist" in the program "Pora rocku" (his own project of Andriy Kulykov) at radio ERA-fm (96 fm). Ukrainian version of the song "While my guitar gently weeps" George Harrison - already the second thing in the framework of the project "Rock revival". Those who have visited may 19 at a joint concert of group "Krematoriy" and "Kamyaniy gist"in Underground Music Hall, have had the opportunity to hear her live.

“Krematoriy” and “Kamyaniy gist” will present Summer acoustics

May 19th at “underground Music Hall” will be a joint acoustic concert of group "Krematoriy" and "Kamyaniy gist". This is not the first joint appearance of the Ukrainian and Russian musicians, which binds not only a creative collaboration but also a long friendship. This time the speech will be especially interesting, and promises its viewers a lot of surprises.

Ukrainian Rock-n-roll - Kamyaniy gist live on Radio Promin

Today, may 10 at 22:08 on radio "Promin" (Kyiv is 71.3 MHz) in the live program of "Ukrainian rock-n-roll" "Kamyaniy gist" will present the first song from the project "Rock-revival". In a two-hour live "Kamyaniy gist" will play an acoustic version of the Ukrainian version of "People are strange" by The Doors and a few of his own songs. There will also be live communication with musicians.
Everyone will be able to call the live Studio phone: 239-60-19 or text with questions to number 066 22-15-15-4.