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Yuriy Veres on Internet radio Mediananny

Listen to the interview with Yuriy Veres on Internet radio "Mediananny" (program "Muznyashki")


группа Крематорий29 November group "Krematoriy" has celebrated his 29th birthday bright musical show. During the hour and a half  the concert the musicians presented their best hits, as well as many surprises!

Special guest of the Kyiv concert was the group "Kamyaniy gist". "Krematoriy" and "Kamyaniy gist" long-term friendship and joint concerts have become a tradition. Kyiv musicians have prepared for the Moscow colleagues a unique gift – a few songs from their new album "60/70", songs in which the legends of world rock 60-70 - ies of the sound in the Ukrainian language. Another striking element of the show was the initiation of "Knights of Krematoriy" the leader [of[[nbsp; group "Kamyaniy gist" Yuriy Veres..

Kamyaniy gist congratulate Krematoriy a unique musical gift from the stage of the CKM NAU

29.11.2012 on the stage of the CKM NAU group "Kamyaniy gist" will congratulate "Krematoriy" from the 29th birthday of a unique musical gift. For the first time on the big stage will feature songs from the new album "60/70", which hits the rock music of the 60's, the 70 years represented in the Ukrainian language. Translation, arrangement and interpretation of music each track - is the authorship of the musicians of the Kyiv team, the result of creative search and experiment.

Hear first - the demo version of the lyrical ballads from the album 60/70 in the public domain!

The band Kamyaniy gist are pleased to announce that the accumulation of musical material of the album "60/70" - the first album project Rock Revival is almost complete. Now begins the process information records. Last preparations and the musical work of many months will not only listen, but also to hold in your hand. Now we bring to your attention a demo version of one of the most lyrical songs of the forthcoming album - the ballad of George Harrison "Pid plach gitary moyei" ("While my Guitar Gently Weeps" George Harrison).

Active work on the project Rock revival

Nearing completion of the recording of the album "60/70", in which the lyrics of the famous Western rock-group 60's, 70's are performed in Ukrainian language. This is as close as possible to the original meaning. Not only created his own arrangements, but also completely changed the nature of some songs. Expect a track-list and the date of the presentation of the plates in the news group already in the near future!
And now we offer your attention the photos from the rehearsal process, which creates the record.
Photos from Maria Nikolaeva on the page "In contact"