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Congratulations to the Kiev Rock Club with success in the project Spilnokosht!

Congratulations to our friend Dmitry Remish on the successful completion of fundraising in the project "Spilnokosht".

We wish you success and look forward to the new portal of the Kiev Rock Club rock.ua

Support the Kiev rock club and get three albums of the group Kamyaniy hіst

The founder of the Kiev Rock Club is Dmitry Remish, a longtime friend and partner of the Kam'yaniy gist group. Our cooperation began back in those days when the portal was just gaining momentum. And now it is the oldest Ukrainian site devoted to rock music. Thousands of articles, hundreds of interviews and reviews, a rock encyclopedia, a poster and much more.

Now the "Kiev Rock Club" is waiting for our support with you on the website of the project "Spilnokosht". One of the gift lots - three albums of the group "Kam'yaniy gist". Namely: "60/70" (there are several copies left), "There, behind the mountains" and "70/80". If these records are already in your collection, you can choose many other interesting prizes.

To support the "Kiev Rock Club" and choose the gifts you can click on the link:

Let each of you this will be a successful Goth and inspired!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Christmas party!

Our friends "Hromadske radio" organized a Christmas party.
The concert will take place on January 5, 2017 at the Mezzanine Club.
With the participation of groups: Postsense, Kamyaniy gist, Sasha Koltsova, Soncya kolo and others.

Yuriy Veres - guest live broadcast of the Gromadske radіo

Today, 11 November, in the studio Gromadske radіo come frontman Kam'yany gіst Yuriy Veres.
Listen live Gromadska Hvilya program. Beginning at 21:30.

Where to listen Gromadske radіo: http://hromadskeradio.org/listen