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Kamyaniy gist sing a song of The Doors in Ukrainian

Recently in the capital's Officers club group "Kamyaniy gist" congratulated on the occasion of the 28th birthday of the legendary Russian rock band "Krematoriy", playing several of their songs. In this event, the Ukrainian team was invited personally by Armen Grigoryan. Yuriy Veres: "From joint concerts with the "Krematoriy" is always a pleasant experience. The musicians of this group were interesting people and good people. Our performance the audience reacted very positively". And 18 December will take place the performance of "Kamyaniy gist" in Kyiv "Porter Pub" at the hem. The concert will feature the Ukrainian version of the famous song of the band The Doors - "People are strange". Yuriy Veres: "I'm a longtime admirer of Jim Morrison, because Ukrainian-language version of the song "People are strange" did not appear by accident. We decided not to change the structure of the composition and the rhythmic character, but, in addition to Ukrainian translation, added a little of his energy". .

Announcement: Big Sunday concert

18 December, "porter pub"  on Podol (str-Konstantinovskiy, 2) group "Kamyaniy gist" will play a big concert.

Sunday winter evening is not the reason to stay home! When the street is cool and dark, nice to meet with friends in cozy pubs, drinking mulled wine and listening to music. A magical duet of two flutes, mystical didgeridoo and sincere lyrics create a  the unique energy of the evening.

No cost and no surprises. Group "Kamyaniy gist" will present listeners brand new Ukrainian version of the most famous shamans of rock music group The Doors.

We expect you and your friends at St. Kostyantinivska, 2 (opposite gate. M "Kontraktovaya"). Admission is free. As a gift to everyone - sincere music and positive energy for next week!

The concert starts at 21:00

Interview by Yuriy Veres: When the music inside you, it cannot be turned off

On December 18 in "Porter's pub" on Podol (str Konstantinovskaya 2-A) "Kamyaniy gist" will present a two hour concert program, which will consist of old and new songs. "Kamyaniy gist" - the representative of the ancient Kyiv. The band though and does not appear at social events but already have an established audience of admirers. The group repeatedly participated in various festivals and rock events in almost all regions of Ukraine. Before the concert we met with Yuriy Veres, leader of the group but talked about work, plans for the future and what surprises to expect from his performance in "porter's pub". (Ukr.)

The presentation of the "Kamyaniy gist" at a joint concert with the group "Krematoriy" (House of officers in Kyiv, 18.12.2011).

Kamyaniy gist will heat Krematoriy

8 December in the Kyiv House of officers will take place the joint concert of Kyiv group "Kamyaniy gist" and the legendary Russian group "Krematoriy", which this year celebrates its twenty eighth birthday. "This is a great opportunity to get together once again to ignite the audience with drive and positive. Joint concerts with "Krematoriy" have already become a good tradition. We are pleased that the December statement will not be an exception. We wait for all admirers of good music and live-sound", - said Yuriy Veres - frontman "Kamyaniy gist".