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Kamyaniy gist will heat Krematoriy

8 December in the Kyiv House of officers will take place the joint concert of Kyiv group "Kamyaniy gist" and the legendary Russian group "Krematoriy", which this year celebrates its twenty eighth birthday. "This is a great opportunity to get together once again to ignite the audience with drive and positive. Joint concerts with "Krematoriy" have already become a good tradition. We are pleased that the December statement will not be an exception. We wait for all admirers of good music and live-sound", - said Yuriy Veres - frontman "Kamyaniy gist".

Kamyaniy gist has released a booklet

In the framework of the development and popularization of Ukrainian rock music ), and also new concerts "KN'yanoho guest", we have released a small presentation booklet. The book consists of 12 nicely decorated pages that contain basic information about the group. On the audio disk that is attached to the booklet presents 12 songs.

Virtual version of the booklet you can look through on our website at the following address: http://www.kg.org.ua/promo/

Paper-musical version will be available at the concert-presentation "PR'yanoho guest", which will be held on 18 December 2011 at the club "porter No. 7".. Too much time is spent on recording. One of the most difficult tasks is to accumulate the reels. We already did that and happy with the result. At the moment we have some of professional recording equipment, now we are not so dependent on the Studio and may do many things independently."

Flute lessons in Kyiv

The flutist of the group "Kamyaniy gist", a wonderful musician Sergey Rabulets, invites everyone to class on the flute.

Education: Belarusian state Academy of music, orchestral Department, specialty – flute (2005). Graduated from musical school in the class of flute (2000).

Laureate of international competitions (2005).

Teaching experience – 7 years. Teacher flute class at the school, the school of music.

He graduated from the Belarusian state Academy of music (Minsk, Belarus). More than 15 years, was a member of the flute ensemble "Syrinx". Participated in many international competitions. Is laureate and winner of international and national competitions, as well as a scholar of Special Fund of President of Belarus on support of talented youth. Has extensive performing experience, including performances solo and in various ensembles and orchestras. After graduation he continued his education by taking private lessons from famous European teachers (flute Formisano D., R. Grice-Armin, E. Gajewska, M. Anastasia, etc.). Also participated in various master classes of leading European and Russian teachers playing wind instruments.

Contact by phone: (097) 965-34-41

Kamyaniy gist will be held On the horizon to the heavens

Recently was held a presentation of the demo album "gist Kamyaniy" - "On the horizon to the heavens". Due to its characteristic mixture of folk and rock'n'roll, the music on this disk sounds especially. "Demo album "On the horizon to heaven" was recorded exclusively for the musicians of the group had the opportunity to listen to songs and prepare to record a full album, but then we decided to put music on the Internet. The accumulation took place gradually, as you create arrangements, each topic was recorded quickly, in only a few takes. As a result, we are completely satisfied," he shared with us vocalist Yuriy Veres. .

Introducing new musicians!

We are glad to present you the new band "Kamyaniy gist"  Robola Sergei and Elena Dimitrov. Looking for a flutist, and met with two :). Sergey and Elena is a talented and professional musicians. Thanks to them, songs sounded new, more varied, richer and more interesting.

After a prolonged pause, associated with musicians, we resume life in concert.  soon "Kamyaniy gist" will perform at the celebration of the birth of the group "Krematoriy", which will be held on 8 December 2011 in the Kyiv House of officers. The following statements will appear on the receipt of positive responses from the organisers of the concert activities and administration of clubs.