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Another surprise!

April 22 awaits another musical surprise!
Which one?
This you will find out at the concert.

Detailed information about the event...

 Acoustic stream. Attempt #2

Dear Friends! Unfortunately, last Saturday our online broadcasting did not take placefor technical reasons. Today (10.04.2016) let's try again. Play for you two songs. I hope that this time everything will be fine.

Our address:

The broadcast starts at 21:00.

Kamyaniy gist in live broadcast

Dear Friends! This Saturday,02.04.2016, musicians of the Kamyaniy gist will play for you live. This will be the first live broadcast from the pilot-project "Acoustic stream". You will heara new acoustic version of the song Tak buvaye.
The webcast will be availableat the following address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIfC9Rsl3Io

70/80 album in a new unique AMA audio format!

Dear friends! The album 70/80 by group Kam'yany gіst now you can download and listen to the new AMA multitrack format.
The uniqueness of the format is that with the help of a special program AMA BUS Player you can independently change the balance of musical instruments, which are present in the composition. That is, if the guitar is too loud, a bit can remove it or even shut down. Conversely, if some few tools, you can add volume. Thus, you create individual sound of songs on your taste. It is also a great way to best deal with the structure of the arrangement of a composition, listening to the tracks of individual instruments. In addition, AMA BUS Player can be used as karaoke, where you can not only sing, but also to play a favorite song instead of the bass player, guitarist, flutist, drummer, and the like.