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The album 70/80 to be!

Friends, thanks to you and the project "Spilnokosht" we managed to raise the money to record the album "70/80".
Thanks for the support!
We plan to start recording soon. In parallel we will work on preparations for the presentation of the album "70/80" that will take place in February 2015.

The song All Dead, All Dead (Svit znyk, Svit znyk) by QUEEN will be remix performed in the Ukrainian language in the album 70/80

The song "all dead, all dead" was included in the album news of the world", released on 28 October 1977 and is the sixth Studio album by English rock band Queen. This song was written and sung by Nicholas Meêm, and Freddie Mercury played piano and performed by the party, backing vocals.

99% of the funds raised!

Nearly fifty people have already supported the release of the disc "70/80" which will include songs from Queen, The Beatles, The Doors, David Bowie, Pink Floyd translated into Ukrainian of Sciences.
Special thanks to Andrew Longbody for such a significant contribution!

You have 16 more days to support the project: https://biggggidea.com/project/741/

Hurry! There are still prizes! Thank you to everyone who has already supported us!

The song Land of Confusion (Santerini edge) of the group GENESIS will be performed in the Ukrainian language remix in the album 70/80

"Land of Confusion" - known political song by the British band "Genesis", which questioned the wisdom of the world leaders in those times, when between the U.S. and Russia threatened nuclear war. Written by guitarist Mike Rutherford and the music was all created by the band "Genesis".

Slade in the Ukrainian language. The song Noddy holder and Jimmy Lee Coz I Luv You (Bo need) sounds in the Ukrainian language in the album 70/80

It's no secret that many real rock hits were created just a few minutes. Such was the case with the famous song "Coz I Luv You" by the British rock group Slade. Her Manager Chas Chandler, former member of The Animals, insisted that his players themselves wrote the words and music. After one of these conversations and began the history of the song "Coz I Luv You".