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Support Gromadske radio and receive a gift of one of the band's Kamyaniy gist

Supporting the "Hromadske radio" the portal "Spilnokosht", you have the opportunity to get free albums from the band "Kamyaniy gist", namely "just beyond the mountains", which is not yet on the Internet and "60/70", which has already become a rarity.

The memory of the Heavenly hundred

Support a good cause!

Information from the initiators: Friends! In a sign of respect and support we want to send book parcels to all locations, where the dead from the Heavenly hundred. We have already supported Mila Ivantsova, famous prose writers and poets Oles Ilchenko, Sergei Fanuc, Alexander IRVANETS and Marina Kozlova, a group of young authors with the Kyiv youth leitstudie "Crossroads", the magazine "Raduga" publishing house "Fakel". But books need a lot, and without Vasha help in any way. We do database. And next Saturday, March 29, from 14 to 18 h. at the entrance to the Ukrainian house will be collecting books. Only new modern Ukrainian publications in different languages. We are confident that we, together, can do it. And in advance thank you very much!


Yuriy Veres - guest live broadcasts on radio Era FM and UR-1

Today, 21 March 2014 at 20:08 listen to the author's program of Andriy Kulykov, "Pora rocku" on the waves "Era FM" (Fm 96,00). as of 22:10, listen to the "Hromadske radio" on "UR-1". Guest live broadcasts - the leader of the group "Kamyaniy gist" Yuriy Veres.

The album 70/80. The work continues

Group "Kamyaniy gist" continues the album "70/80".
Songs that will be included in the record:

Toy, khto Svit prodav (The Man Who Sold The World - David Bowie); Vershnyky grozy (Riders on the Storm - The Doors); Tikaymo cherez jungli (Run through the jungle - Creedence Clearwater Revival); Za pagorbamy, vdalyni (Over the Hills And Far Away - Gary Moore); Chas (Time - Pink Floyd); Idemo razom (Come together - The Beatles); Zbentezheniy kray (Land of confusion - Genesis); Zahodyvsya u viyni (Kamyaniy gist).

In the future the list will be supplemented.

Situation in Ukraine

Lately, I receive many letters from my friends from Russia, Belarus and those who are staying away from Ukraine. Everyone is interested in what is actually happening in Kyiv. The information they get from local media, either completely untrue or distorted. Will try to explain you my point of view, as witness these sad and tragic events.