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Kamyaniy gist gives you his new album Tam, za goramy!

Friends, we completed work on an online version of the album "Tam, za goramy". Now you can hear him.
Download the direct link: http://kg.org.ua/audio/tzg.zip 
Download torrent: http://toloka.hurtom.com/viewtopic.php?t=57983

Happy listening!

If you liked the album "Tam, za goramy", will be grateful to you for supporting our future album "70/80". You can do this via the following link - http://biggggidea.com/project/741/

To thank you for a good work, we have prepared a lot of various prizes, among which: the album "There beyond the mountains" autographed by the band group "Kamyaniy gist"; gift copy of the disc "70/80"; album "60/70"; invitation to the official presentation of the album; invitation to "the unusual concert" - a special rehearsal of the group "Kamyaniy gist", where for a narrow circle of benefactors we will play a full concert and songs from the future album; part in the recording of the album; >walk the streets of the old town together with the "Kamyaniy gist". Your photo session with the musicians performed the gorgeous Maria Nikolaeva.


First 7 days - 1000 UAH!

Thank you to everyone who has joined in the creation of the album "70/80"!
Also thank you to everyone who disseminates information about our project.

Create a new album together!

Friends, we need your help in creating the upcoming album "70/80" group "Kamyaniy gist". A few years ago we had the idea to bring in the world of rock hits. Was just curious, what exactly is in your favorite songs, but today we are on the second disc of "70/80" in which famous songs of the seventies and the eighties sound in the English language and new music.

Support Gromadske radio and receive a gift of one of the band's Kamyaniy gist

Supporting the "Hromadske radio" the portal "Spilnokosht", you have the opportunity to get free albums from the band "Kamyaniy gist", namely "just beyond the mountains", which is not yet on the Internet and "60/70", which has already become a rarity.

The memory of the Heavenly hundred

Support a good cause!

Information from the initiators: Friends! In a sign of respect and support we want to send book parcels to all locations, where the dead from the Heavenly hundred. We have already supported Mila Ivantsova, famous prose writers and poets Oles Ilchenko, Sergei Fanuc, Alexander IRVANETS and Marina Kozlova, a group of young authors with the Kyiv youth leitstudie "Crossroads", the magazine "Raduga" publishing house "Fakel". But books need a lot, and without Vasha help in any way. We do database. And next Saturday, March 29, from 14 to 18 h. at the entrance to the Ukrainian house will be collecting books. Only new modern Ukrainian publications in different languages. We are confident that we, together, can do it. And in advance thank you very much!