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We congratulate all with coming new 2014 year!
Let this year be really new and interesting!

З Новим роком!

Today Kamyaniy gist will perform at the Maidan

Group "Kamyaniy gist" will perform the Maidan on Sunday, 29 December 2013. The performance must begin at 21:00 but times may vary.

По цимбалахDec 26, 2013 listen to "Po cymbalakh" on the radio "Promin". Group "Kamyaniy gist" and the flute ensemble "Heaven" will play for you live. The topic of the program is the flute. Moderator - Evgeny Pavlyukovski. Start of broadcast at 21:06.

Frequency radio "Promin"

Listen to the radio "Promin" online

This Thursday the songs remixes of The Beatles and The Doors will be performed live for the first time in Ukrainian! On 12 December at the art-bar "Barrel on hem" all lovers of good music will have the first opportunity to hear the hits of legendary rock artists live in the Ukrainian translation! Kyiv group "Kamyaniy gist" will present a new interpretation of the songs of The Beatles and The Doors during the presentation of his new album "behind the mountains". This will be one of the musical surprises that await guests. For the first time in the Ukrainian language and the new music will include songs "Riders on the Storm" and "Come together".