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Tanets so vremenem (Dance with a time) + Bonus

Танец со временем

Album "Tanets so vremenem" online

Year: 2003

Track listing:

  1. Esli b ne bylo piva (If there wasn't a beer) *
  2. Odinokiie vokzaly (Lonely train stations)
  3. Eshche odin den (Another day)
  4. Blues dlya sebya (Blues for myself)
  5. Zamki i zamki (Castles and locks)
  6. Tanets so vremenem (Dance with time)
  7. Dozhd (The Rain)
  8. Prosypaysya! (Wake up!)
  9. Pustynya (Desert)
  10. Krugovorot (The cycle)
  11. Vyshel kupit sigarety... (Went out to buy cigarettes...)
  12. Vmeste s soboy (Together with my) *
  • Yuriy Veres - songwriter, vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica (1, 8)
  • Victor Chernetsky guitar, acoustic guitar (9, 12)
  • Anton Taranenko - bass guitar (1-6, 8-12)
  • Ivan Kozachenko - drums, percussion
  • Anton Surmin - flute, voice (6, 9)
  • Sound Engineer: Mykhailo Petrenko
  • The Engineers Maxim Pavlenko, Olexiy Clenkin
  • Cover design: MariArti, Yuriy Veres
  • Model: Diana Petrenya

* Record carried out within the framework of the project "Podyh"

Album "Tanets so vremenem" recorded in may 2003 (except for the song "If there was no beer" and "Together with you", which was recorded in late 2002 at Studio "Dynasty", with the support of the festival "the Breath" ").

"Tanets so vremenem" - only one russian language album by "Kamyaniy gist" rock-band. This disc was recorded almost at the very beginning of the creative ways of the team. In those days musicians had quality tools and experience of Studio work. In the lyrics and the arrangements felt a search and experiment. The bulk of the audio material has been accumulated in the course of a few nights. Mixing and mastering is also carried out in a hurry. The result is somewhat rustic, but sincere.

We hesitated a long time before I decided to share this work. Some songs are missing in the online player. Instead they have songs of different years, which were not included in one of our albums. This kind of bonus tracks, most of which published for the first time.

Bonus tracks:

13. Agni-Yoga (remix) - version 1, 2005
14. Letet (Fly), 2005
15. Ne vlyublen (Not in love), 2005
16. Tanci do upadu (Dance till you drop), 2009
17. Prosypaysya (Wake up) - version 2 2009
18. Agni-Yoga (remix) * - version 2, 2005
19. Come Together (remix), 2 003

  • Yuriy Veres - songwriter (except 13, 18, 19), vocals (except 18), acoustic guitar, harmonica (17)
  • Victor Chernetsky - guitar
  • Anton Taranenko - bass guitar (13, 14, 15, 18)
  • Dmytro Bukryv - bass guitar (16, 17)
  • Yuriy Kolesnik - drums (13, 18)
  • Ivan Kozachenko - drums (14, 15, 19)
  • Sergiy Spatar - drums (16, 17)
  • Anton Surmin - flute
  • Eugen Pryadko - saxophone (13, 14, 15, 18), vocals (18)

* Record carried out within the framework of the project "Podeh"

Agni Yoga - two the Remix version for the song Armen Grigoryan, leader of group "3 angel" and "Krematoriy". Option 1: arrangements and vocals Yuriy Veres "Kamyaniy gist". Option 2: arrangements and vocals - Eugene Pryadko "Kamyaniy gist".

Come Together - a Remix of famous song The Beatles. First English experience "Kamyaniy gist", who turned out to be difficult, but very rewarding and inspirational. This version of the arrangement found on the CD compilation "Play Beatles", which was published by the festival "Podyh".