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Po goryzontu do nebes (on the horizon to heaven) - demo album

По горизонту до небес - демо-альбом

Demo-album "Goryzontom do nebes" online

Year: 2010-2011

Track listing:

  1. The Conversation
  2. Tak buvae
  3. Pyty treba menshe
  4. Chateau Gaillard
  5. Ihaly kozaky
  6. Ne zavodytsya
  7. Znovu den
  8. Blues shamana
  9. Po goryzontu do nebes
  10. Yakshcho bachysh
  11. Tam, za goramy
  12. Kuvala zozulen
  13. The Inspiration

Duration: 50:04:51

"Po goryzontu do nebes" is not an officially released album by Kamyaniy gist. The demo songs were recorded during rehearsals for the group during 2010-2011. Almost all songs of this demo album were later modified and accumulated in a professional Studio, becoming the basis of the official album "Tam za goramy", which appeared at the end of 2013.

  • Yuriy Veres - songwriter, vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica;
  • Victor Chernetskiy - guitar, arranged by;
  • Dmytro Bukryv - bass guitar;
  • Sergiy Spatar - drums;
  • Anton Surmin - flute;
  • Taras Bolgak - mix and mastering.