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September 23, the group "Kam'yaniy Gist" will play for you an hour and a half concert in the open air!

Анонс концерту гурту Кам'яний гість на Nalivka Craft Beverage FestivalThe performance will take place in Kiev, on the territory of the "Nove Spivoche pole", on the "Nalivka Craft Beverage Festival".

At the festival will also be announced a large-scale project "Knyga Rocku" - 150 translations of world rock hits in the Ukrainian language. Among them there are those who entered the albums "60/70" and "70/80" of the "Kam'yaniy Gist" band.

At this concert, our old friend and wonderful musician - flutist Anton Surmin will play for you.

Come to visit a variety of craft drinks, as well as enjoy a 20-year-old music drink from the band Kam'yaniy Gist.

I'll see you on September 23 at the "Nalivka Craft Beverage Festival"!
The approximate start of the performance is 17:00.

Detailed information on the festival page: https://www.facebook.com/nalivkafest/

Join the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/206210273423295/