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Podcast of the Pora Rocku has appeared on the Patreon!

pora roku patreonIf you haven't listened to the "Pora Rocku" program on the "Hromadske radio", we highly recommend doing so. After all, there is a lot of such high-quality Ukrainian music that you will not hear on the air of other radio stations. The host of the program Andriy Kulikov always selects for his listeners only exclusive audio content. The program includes guests-musicians and non-musicians, revealing the secrets of rock music, an opportunity for listeners to express their attitude to music and to the events taking place in Ukraine and around.

Andriy Kulikov has repeatedly invited musicians of the band "Kamianyi hist" to the live broadcast of the "Pora Rocku". And this communication has always been interesting and enjoyable!

But independent projects always need support. And now you and I have such an opportunity, because the "Pora Rocku" appeared on the Patreon platform. The podcast team created this page for those listeners who want to maintain the independence of the program. This is a podcast for the soul, in which important and valuable music plays for you! And this is where you can hear the premieres of the new songs of the band "Kamianyi hist"!

Subscribe to "Pora Rocku" on the Patreon and receive nice gifts from Andriy Kulikov!
You can do this at: https://www.patreon.com/poraroku

"Pora Rocku" on the site of the "Hromadske radio": https://hromadske.radio/podcasts/pora-roku