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We are open to dialogue and cooperation with journalists, concert organizers, record labels, representatives of festivals and clubs. Will be grateful to you for reposting our news, posters, interviews, photos. Always glad to see you at our concerts.

Tel.: +38 095 823 80 56; +38 050 546 23 23;



Technical riders:

Electricity Acoustics Official website: http://www.kg.org.ua The album "70/80": http://7080.kg.org.ua The album "60/70": http://6070.kg.org.ua

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Dear friends!

We are open to dialogue and cooperation with mass media representatives, organizers of concerts, rekodingovimi companies, producers, fans, clubs and journalists.

Welcome to reposts, our news, posters, interviews, photos and are always happy to meet you at the concerts.

Mass media communication:

Phone: 38 063 801 90 82

The organization of concerts:

Tel: 38 050 546 23 23 E-mail: info@kg.org.ua

Our friends:

"Pora rocku"
http://eramedia.com.UA/Programs/56/ Portal rock. KIEV. UA
http://www.Rock.kiev.UA Recording Studio "SV. Oboda record"
http://www.SV-oboda.Ho.UA Studio "Barabass Records"
Flejtovyj ensemble-"Heaven"
Alexander Stratìjčuk photographer and video operator
Ruslan Absurdov photographer
Maria Nikolaeva
http://vk.com/club48553018 Maria Nikulina
Nikita Êfanov
Dmytro Bakryv - bass guitar
Sergiy Robulets - flute
Yuriy Veres – songwriter, vocals, acoustic guitar
Victor Chernetsky-guitar
Sergey Sergiy Spatar - drums, percussion

Kamyaniy Gist (The Stoneguest) - picture. Artist - Dmytro Bakryv