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30.05.2010 - Kopachiv

Park "Kyivan Rus". Day Of Kyiv. The festival "good rock". C. Kopachiv, Obukhov district, Kyiv region, 34 km from Kyiv. The concert starts at 16:00. The presentation of the "Kamyaniy gist" at 19:25

&Nbsp;Day of Kyiv on 29-30 Travnya "Park Kyivska Rus" two musical programs presentbut 30 ukranska rock hurts. Suchasna culture podovinikoff with words anskim serednevCNIM flavour: folk Sabawi, Masov of guliana, showing stolichnogo suit deponovati program svetkana day Kyiv in the Park.

"DN Kyiv at the Park budesa simbolon sustr two cultures - modern Kyiv Rusi . Davno. I in this dopomogi the same rock concert. On Meritor Detintsa muzicanti to zvernutisya to gledaju on bliski – modern language music. Microwave fry - not grce, than the young, let us say, X century. I don't want everyone pokey scho bliska culture Davno Rusi, Spadea, that rock festival , not available, and the fry will be able vmlite . sway sugomori", - says Volodymyr Yanchenko, the author of the project "Park Kyivska Rus" President BO "Word of Jansky Fund".

The "Days of Kyiv in modern serednioho city" vsmall fate rock gurti from Kyiv, one of Vinnitsya odesi -  "Citizen of the Jerusalem Artichoke", "White tower", "Sunrise", "Hi day", "Dimicandum", "Tsarske village", "In Tim", "On BC", "Witch Hunte", "Never-seen", "Troas", "Leprechaun", "Dreems of victory", "Renaissance", "Black Angels", "Dionis", "Audiobay", "Kamyaniy gist", "southern cross" the other.

"Mi hocemo spati stanovalcev rock music in "Park Kyivska Rus" for schob, sugauchi music that docimasy, fry the small zmogu nenau aslive dolociti to culture Davno Rusi. Alternative Musica Sofala in RSN end.The Day Kyiv cutaneous group wicona 4-5 songs For gladetskiy sympathies mi oberemok head liners, that maibutnyogo smooth vistupili odni on stage with legends of rock music", - Larisa respond Boldyreva, group leader producersto agents "Apron".

Organzationi obreli nielns groupie with over 100 pretendentu, different for the straight silovymi: Yak klasicni more of speed, power and atmospheric metal, so I neededbecause folk, SKA I. pop rock.

Also the may 29-30 in the framework of the "Days of Kyiv in modern ceremonioso city" wabudeya folk fairs, Meister-clasie W of crafts, seredniaky Tyr (tradiciniu onion, matanna now Tosco), the folk igri zabavi.

In addition to the program of action cvetkovich vkluchen Conn theatre and Cvetkovi ferver.

Dowdy: protham rock in part III Mineralnog festival "Park Kyivska Rus" progoti bogatyrski bitwi XI XII I XV Stolte, Lenarcic turri, Kyiv Day, Day Yarila, Medovi saved, the festival cascaders, sustr Babyn lta, lucni turn the other Bedouin come in.

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