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13.03.2002 - Kyiv

Blues club "Buddy Guy". The project "Pulse of the asphalt"

The report about the concert taken from the official site of the project

"The stone Guest" can be translated as "Stoned Guest". That, in turn, can be deciphered as "Obkurennye the Phantom". The play on words. Amazing things happen with the language, just start to translate... won't bother. Yuri, the leader, poet and singer of the "Guest" that came on the scene in a bandana, with the acoustics in their hands, and with eyes burning. The rock is a prophet, so he looked. And sang. Didactic - i.e. pochomil tone Recalling that Makarevich, Butusov, Bob, or anybody else from the Russian masters. The audience, not sparing a pop, sitting on a stone Badi-dens Gai-field, the people were many and all was well. All this is great reminiscent of the underground passage in the "pipe" on the Maidan, where the chorus sing "the star named the sun", and "Oh-e-e", and "the young will not know which guy was the end," and other popular hits. Yuri, Kyiv "Guest" - a flesh from a flesh out of the "pipe" where they sing songs of Russian rock-the prophets. Yuri looked rock-prophet. Was there? For prophecy rock is highly paid. He was so cute and neat and prosperous in his bandana and acoustics. Where have you seen successful prophets? The group played Blues moves and the flute was by the way - this evening both groups were flutes, and both were good... I'm listening to a mini disc recording of the concert. Sound well live from "buddy guy". Some of the songs "Guest" I want to listen again? Maybe this the Blues? "And the time will pass - back will result. Look at the past and grin. No shit it is not clear which way is up and which is down. Spent another wasted life...".

"Q100". Why ku-hundred? It doesn't matter. Men came from the city of Rivne. What do we know about Exactly? There forest? Or the mountains? I noticed on the toes of the Us, leading to terrible some Gothic barbed rings, like Sauron. This Cam never turn his nose down... And the music? Music from the start was reminiscent of "DDT", with the whole pitch, and intonation husovskoho voice - the power and expanse, and poems, in which undoubted poetic gift combined with some prostovmeste, simplicity. You know, there are such simple-minded big men who have the hormone and muscles so much that there is no need to cheat just. This ease - to-face. That's all of Us, at a glance: "Lumps, bumps, stoned the Bruins" or "Trezvij from my love, girl, and don't eat a green banana...". Simplicity simplicity, but the group sounded great, rakosnik was a shot in the beat, the guitar workshop and the flute is wonderful (but also trumpet, even the bagpipes). Just a few nice songs about the roads, about the fact that "somewhere in the night, a day somewhere, somewhere light and somewhere the shadow. Where you meet people, but somewhere not waiting somewhere to forgive - but somewhere drinking." And so, you know, brave vibration, the energy of Yang. A lot of energy. The music for the stadiums to play. But really I put one thing in Ukrainian, written by the flutist, he was the best musician in the group. About Xinyu paporot. A real hit.

Anton Yakovyna

Played: Kamyaniy gist, the Team Q100 (Rivne)

Date: March 13, 2002
Place: KYIV, Blues club "Buddy Guy"