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Premiere of a new song by the group "Kamyaniy gist" on the air of "Hromadske radio"

pora rokuOn April 25, 2021 at 17:07, turn on "Hromadske Radio" and listen to a live broadcast with the musicians of the "Kamyaniy Gist" group in the "Pora roku" program with Andrii Kulykov. We will present you our new single "Tvoya doroga" (Your Road), dedicated to the city of Pripyat and the events of 35 years ago. And the music video for this song, which we filmed in the Exclusion Zone, will be presented to you on April 26th. We will talk about this and many other things today in the studio of "Hromadske Radio".

Listen online: https://hromadske.radio/

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