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70/80 album in a new unique AMA audio format!

Read more: 7080 ama

Dear friends! The album 70/80 by group Kam'yany gіst now you can download and listen to the new AMA multitrack format.

The uniqueness of the format is that with the help of a special program AMA BUS Player you can independently change the balance of musical instruments, which are present in the composition. That is, if the guitar is too loud, a bit can remove it or even shut down. Conversely, if some few tools, you can add volume. Thus, you create individual sound of songs on your taste. It is also a great way to best deal with the structure of the arrangement of a composition, listening to the tracks of individual instruments. In addition, AMA BUS Player can be used as karaoke, where you can not only sing, but also to play a favorite song instead of the bass player, guitarist, flutist, drummer, and the like.

Another unique AMA format that is sponsored by the Ukrainian developers. Namely - Anton Maltsev (programmer, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Methods of System Analysis, Applied System Analysis Institute at NTUU "KPI") and Andrei rim (known sound engineer and sound producer, SvOboda Records studio), who participated in the creation of the albums 60/70, Tam za goramy, 70/80 of the Kam'yany gіst.

And that is not all! If you are a musician or sound, you can create your own files in the AMA format, using the AMA BUS Maker converter. Details on the official website of the project - http://amabusplayer.com

Now available a beta version of a portable player for Windows, and in the future will be the version and under other operating systems.

Download the album 70/80 in the AMA format can be from the following link: http://7080.kg.org.ua/7080-AMA.zip

The archive is a composition player and brief instruction. Unpack the archive and run the AMA-Player.exe file. select the «Load» At the bottom of the program window. Then, locate the folder where you unzipped the file and select the file 7080.pls. A list of tracks. Select a song and click on «Play». We pay attention to the specifics of the current beta: before the start of play each track the volume of your computer will be automatically set to maximum.

You can learn more by visiting the April 22 club Bochka na Podoli, which will host the presentation of the AMA project, which will take place in the concert of the Kam'yany gіst. It will be interesting! Waiting for you! Details: http://kg.org.ua/en/1170-kamyaniy-gist-18-years-of-aging-let-s-celebrate-together

In advance thank you for your feedback, preferences, comments and reposts!

We wish you a pleasant listening and interesting experiments with sound!


P.S.: 70/80 - album by Kam'yany gіst in which the song of the world rock legends 70 and 80 years (The Beatles, The Doors, Queen, Genesis, Slade, Pink Floyd, Gary Moore , David Bowie, Creedence Clearwater Revival) sounded in Ukrainian.

70/80 is the first full album in AMA-format!

Upcoming concerts

Valerii Lutsenko - bass guitar
Amadeus Rotbart - flute
Yurii Veres - songwriter, vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Victor Chernetski - guitar
Serhii Spatar - drums, percussion

Кам'яний гість - малюнок. Автор - Дмитро Бакрив