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Support "Gromadske radio" and receive a gift of one of the band's "Kamyaniy gist

Громадське радіоSupporting the "Hromadske radio" the portal "Spilnokosht", you have the opportunity to get free albums from the band "Kamyaniy gist", namely "just beyond the mountains", which is not yet on the Internet and "60/70", which has already become a rarity.

Also among the prizes: an author's excursion of a series of "evening Kyiv" with Vladislava Osmak. The second tour is on Wednesday 25 June. Topic: the Latin quarter. Meeting at 19.00 at the Museum of history of Kyiv; special award from Kateryna Babkina, her new poetry book "Painkillers and sleeping pills".

To support the "Hromadske radio" and receive prizes please follow the link: http://biggggidea.com/project/698/