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Create a new album together!

70/80 - класика року в українському стиліA few years ago we had the idea to translate the world's rock hits. At first it was just curious about the subject of favorite songs, and today we are already working on the second album "70/80" in which famous songs of the seventies and the eighties sound in the Ukrainian language and in a new musical design.

In 2012 we presented the first album "60/70". It includes the Ukrainian version of the songs of The legendary The Beatles, The Doors, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Slade, Rainbow, Jethto Tull, The Rolling Stones, Uriah Heep. We received a lot of positive and nice feedback from listeners. It inspires us to create new translations and arrangements, and writing her own songs.

In the album "70/80" will feature the Ukrainian versions of these songs:

  • David Bowie — The Man Who Sold The World
  • The Doors — Riders on the Storm
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival — Run Through the Jungle
  • Gary Moore — Over the Hills And Far Away
  • Pink Floyd — Time
  • The Beatles — Come Together
  • Slade — Coz I Luv U
  • Genesis — Land of Confusion
  • and also song "Zahodyvsya u viyni" by "Kamyaniy gist"

The uniqueness of the album is not only the closest in meaning to the translation, but in a completely new arrangement from the group "Kamyaniy gist".

Гурт Kamyaniy gist на сцені ЦКМ НАУ

The album "70/80" will be non-commercial, later it will be made freely available.

We collected 24,000 UAH. These tools will help us efficiently to record and make music, decorate the cover and gift to give 500 copies of the album.

Гурт Kamyaniy gist

Our donors can get special prizes, among which:

  • gift copy of the disc "70/80" (2014);
  • the album "Tam, za goramy" (2013);
  • the album "60/70" (2012);
  • invitation to the official presentation of the album;
  • invitation to "an unusual concert" - a special rehearsal of the group "Kamyaniy gist", where for a narrow circle of benefactors we will play a full concert and songs from the future album;
  • part in the recording of the album.

We invite you to take part in the creation of records "70/80" by supporting our idea on the website of the project "Spilnokosht".

To support please visit: http://biggggidea.com/project/741/

Also will be grateful for dissemination of information about our future album.

Гурт Kamyaniy gist на фестивалі Трипільське коло

Гурт Kamyaniy gist