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70/80: Prizes for the charity album "Tam, za goramy"

Support plate "70/80" and will receive a special gift from the group "Kamyaniy gist" - the album "Tam, za goramy" autographed by the band.

The album "Tam, za goramy" was presented at the end of 2013, although work on it began in 2011. Throughout time musicians have been accumulating musical material and looking for the best sound. While using both traditional and ethnic instruments. The thematic range of the songs is quite wide, from bold irony to the deep feelings and philosophical reflection. The song "There, far away", which gave the name to the album, has an interesting story from real life.

Song from the album has been repeatedly performed at various concert venues - from pubs to open-air festivals. However, after painstaking Studio work, songs well known to fans of the group, acquired a completely new sound.

Track listing:

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