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The Beatles in the Ukrainian language. The song remix of John Lennon "Come Together" ("Idemo razom") will be performed in the Ukrainian language in the album 70/80

The impression that Lennon wrote this song, traveling somewhere somewhere in parallel worlds. The text is too crowded with slang and allusions. We can only guess that it was referring to the author.

There is an assumption that every verse of Come Together was written about one of the members of the group: George Harrison - "He one holy roller", Paul McCartney - "he wear no shoe-shine", John Lennon - "He got Ono sideboard" and Ringo Starr - "Got to be good looking".

There is also a version that the song Come Together was conceived by John Lennon as a political unifying slogan for the psychologist and LSD guru, activist Timothy Leary and his campaign against California Governor Ronald Reagan. Lennon suggested Leary's help in his campaign. His slogan was "Come together, join the party". Lennon sent Leary a demo with some ideas on songs. However, Leary was jailed for marijuana possession, and his campaign ended there. In the end Lennon had the opportunity to complete the song with the Beatles.

John Lennon once said: "This song was created in the Studio." Come together "- jargon, an expression that Tim Leary had used, when he ran for President. He asked me to write him a song for his election campaign. I really tried, but it didn 't work. But the song was "Come Together", which didn't fit him - it is impossible to conduct a campaign like this song, right? But then Leary had long accused me that I stole his slogan ".

Translating "Come together", we decided to offer another version. >From our point of view, this song is about a hippie named Compesa. In spite of such a substitution of concepts, the translation of the song is similar to the original content.

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