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The Doors in the Ukrainian language. The song remix is Jim Morrison's "Riders on the Storm" ("Vershnyky be a menace") will be performed in the Ukrainian language in the album 70/80

The future leader of the cult rock band the Doors Jim Morrison in the early sixties was a student at Florida State University in Tallahassee. At the same time he was closely associated with a girl named Mary, who lived a few hundred miles away. Jim often went to her hitchhiking, sitting on a deserted night road in random cars. Jim figures of the time often appeared the image of the lonely traveler, forced themselves to face the challenges of long-distance travel. It is quite possible that from that period began the history of the song "Riders on the Storm".

Robby Krieger argued that "Riders on the Storm" was written under the impression from songs Wall Jones "Ghost Riders in the Sky". According to another version, the source of inspiration was the film "the rain Passenger" directed by rené clément. Also there is a version that the song contains memories from my childhood of Jim Morrison when he witnessed the accident that claimed several lives. There is also the assumption that the words about the killer on the road are a hint of the famous maniac Billy cook. Supposedly they are taken from the screenplay Morrison, in which he was going to play the role of a hitchhiker murderer.

"Riders on the Storm" was the last song that you recorded the band. She took fourteenth place in the Billboard Hot 100 and twenty-second in the UK Singles Chart. 3 July 1971, the day the song entered the Hot 100, Jim Morrison died.

Working on the translation of the song "Riders on the Storm", we have tried to maintain the poetry inherent in Jim Morrison, as well as created an entirely new arrangement, which resembles the original only in harmony.

the doors jim morrison typographic portrait