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The album "70/80" to be!

Успіх!Friends, thanks to you and the project "Spilnokosht" we managed to raise the money to record the album "70/80".
Thanks for the support!

We plan to start recording soon. In parallel we will work on preparations for the presentation of the album "70/80" that will take place in February 2015.

Despite the fact that the necessary sum is already there, the fundraising continues. You still have the opportunity to join the support plate "70/80". Every extra penny will help us make a better album. For example, you can order more high-quality mastering or print an expanded version of the CD cover, which will set out the translations for all the songs on the album.

Before the completion of the fundraiser two weeks. There is still time and many awards from the group "Kamyaniy gist".

Read more on the website: https://biggggidea.com/project/741/