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Run Through the Jungle" ("Tikaymo cherez jungli") of the group "Creedence Clearwater Revival" will be remix performed in the Ukrainian language in the album 70/80

The song was written by vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of Creedence, John Fogerty.

It may seem, and most people will believe exactly what this song is about the Vietnam war, because the text refers to the jungle, and the year of its release - 1970 (USA waged war in Vietnam between 1965 and 1975). The fact that previous Creedence songs, namely "Who'll Stop the Rain" and "Fortunate Son" were protests against the war, only confirmed the theory.

John Fogerty said: "I Think many felt that way because it was true, but I was talking about the proliferation of weapons in America, both registered and illegal. I am a hunter myself, and I'm not against guns, but I just thoughtthat people are so enthusiastic about them that it got out of control and has become dangerous. Now the situation is even worse. Interestingly, it took another 20 years to have any movement against it."

Former Executive Director of the CCR, Sol Sent later claimed that the song "The Old Man Down the Road" that proud Mary was released as a solo artist too much like "Run Through the Jungle", the copyright holder of which was Sent. He even filed a lawsuit against John. In the court of proud Mary played both songs on guitar, right on the witness stand and won the case. The judge decided that an artist cannot plagiarize himself.

Interestingly, "Run Through the Jungle" mentions the devil, and "The Old Man Down The Road" - God.

Tom Fogarty, the elder brother of John: "Run Through the Jungle - my favorite CCR song of all times ... She is like a small movie, with all sound effects. The tone of the songs is not changed, but she holds your attention. She just dream of a musician - the tone does not change, but you feel that it is wrong."

Working on this song, we tried to keep her mood, but could not resist and added a little drive :).

john fogerty