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The song "Over the Hills and Far Away" (Za pagorbamy, vdalyboi) Gary Moore song remix in the Ukrainian language in the album "70/80

The song about a man falsely accused of robbery and exiled far from their homes. He dreams that one day will return home and will meet again with his beloved.

It was planned that the vocal part in this song is a famous Phil Lynnot, at that moment, the former leader of the Irish rock band "Thin Lizzy". Unfortunately, the abuse of alcohol and drugs caused the early death of a musician (he was only 36 years old) and had kept true to the plan.

As a result the song "Over the Hills and Far Away" sang by myself Gary Moore. He also played a great guitar part.

In October 2010, just months before his death, Gary Moore, made in Kharkov. The concert began with the powerful performance of the song Over the Hills and Far Away, this room can be called the best in the evening.

Working on this song, we tried to keep her powerful energy and drive. Probably "Behind agarbati, udalen" will be the most powerful song of the record.