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The song "Time" - "Hours" of "Pink Floyd" sound in the Ukrainian language in the album "70/80

This is the only song of the album "The Dark Side of the Moon", the authors which indicated that all four participant groups, although the song was written by Roger waters. He said in various interviews that the idea of the song came when he realized that more than anything in life is not prepared.

Sound hours, on which the song was recorded by the group's sound engineer Alan Parsons. Each clock was recorded separately in an antique shop, the group then mixed them together. Actually Parsons wanted to use the film to demonstrate the new Quad system, but then the result was used in the album.

The sounds of tick tock mimics on the bass guitar, Roger waters, clamping the strings so that the instrument becomes like the ticking of the clock. This trick can be seen on a live video group.

To this composition we come with great responsibility. As said some of our friends "by Pink Floyd, you encroached on the sacred". So, look for our bold version of the song in a completely new sound.

Pink Floyd