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March 6, 2015 will be a presentation of the album 70/80

Do you have any idea how would the world of rock-hits, if they were written in Ukraine? How different would be the legendary song "Come Together" the group "The Beatles" if its authors were not British, and Ukrainians? What the sound would be the songs of the cult band The Doors, if they were filled with the melodiousness of the Ukrainian language? Answer you can find on the concert-presentation of new album "70/80" group "Kamyaniy gist" that will take place on 6 March in Kyiv club "Caribbean".

On the plate - Ukrainian versions of songs by the legendary "The Beatles", "The Doors", "Queen", "Genesis", "Slade", Pink Floyd, Gary Moore, David Bowie, and "Creedence Clearwater Revival". Compositions for over thirty years, and they are relevant here and now - as if the authors were writing about today's events in Ukraine and the world. The album is also unique in the fact that in addition to the closest in meaning translation, it is filled with completely new arrangements.

It should be noted that the album is a non-profit. Its creation is supported and financed by philanthropists from different parts of Ukraine United in the circle of supporters of this project with the help of well-known crowdfunding platform "Spilnokosht". This disc is not found on the shelves of music stores, but it will arrive in a gift for the concerts of the group "Kamyaniy gist", and later as a free download from the official site of the project.

At the concert, which will last more than two hours, the group "Kamyaniy gist" will perform not only creative cover versions, but their best songs. Among the surprises that the musicians had prepared for the guests, planned the appearance of a true shaman that sing unusual things and even a piece of wood is transformed into a magical musical instrument, and also is an exciting video support, a charity auction and light-action from shadow theatre "Papasony", who are famous masters of light and plastic, but also the creators of unique productions, immersing the audience in the cosmic depths of existence.

General concert track listing rock classics in the Ukrainian style:

  • The Beatles — Come Together (Idemo razom)
  • The Beatles — While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Pid plach gitary moei)
  • The Doors — Riders on the Storm (Vershnyky grozy)
  • The Doors — People Are Strange (Lyudy dyvni)
  • Queen — All Dead, All Dead (Svit znyk, svit znyk)
  • Pink Floyd — Time (Chas)
  • Slade — Coz I Luv U (Bo kokhayu)
  • Slade — Far Far Away (Tam, vdalyni)
  • The Rolling Stones — Paint It Black (Zafarbuyu chorniy)
  • Bob Dylan — Blowin’ in the Wind (Viter des nosyt)
  • Uriah Heep — Lady in Black (Ledi v chornomu)
  • Rainbow — The Temple of the King (Hram korolya)
  • Genesis — Land of Confusion (Zbentezheniy kray)
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival — Run Through the Jungle (Tikaymo cherez jungli)
  • David Bowie — The Man Who Sold The World (Toy, khto Svit prodav)
  • Janis Joplin — Mercedes Benz (Mercedes Benz)
  • Gary Moore — Over the Hills and Far Away (Za pagorbamy, vdalyni)
  • Jethro Tull — We Used to Know (My znaly)

Waiting for you and your friends at the presentation of the plate "70/80" 6 March 2015 in the club "Caribbean" (Simon Petlyura str., 4, Kyiv). Beginning at 20:00.

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Additional information:

  • "70/80" - already the group's second album "Kamyaniy gist" where world-famous rock hits are in the Ukrainian language. In 2012, the musicians presented the first album "60/70". It includes the Ukrainian version of the songs written in the 60-ies and 70-ies. Read more on the website http://6070.kg.org.ua.
  • Group "Kamyaniy gist" was created in the spring of 1998 in Kyiv. The creativity inherent in the group's exciting poetic stories, a combination of ethnic motifs and modern rock, as well as stylistic diversity. Each concert is an inspiring atmosphere and a real drive.

Kamyaniy gist - 70/80 - презентація альбому