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Album "70/80" is presented!

Kamyaniy gist в Caribbean ClubFriends, thank you to everyone who attended the presentation of "70/80"!
Nice to know that "Kamyaniy gist" has such a good audience.
We are grateful for your charity and warmth.

The concert gathered nearly 15 000 UAH. Funds have already been transferred to the injured undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at the Central military hospital.

This is the nice and critical moment, when one charity is transformed into a new one.

Thanks for the support!

Special thanks to all the team BIGGGGIDEA, Andriy Kulykov and the project Pora roku ("Time of rock"), Andriy Lelyukh and shadow theater "Papasony", "Hromadske Radio", the Caribbean Club, Taras Bolgak, Andrei Obod, Marie Nikolaeva, Alexander Stratichuk, Victoria Tsymbal, Artem Boyko.

Thanks: John Lennon and the Beatles, Jim Morrison, ray Manzarek and The Doors, Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins and Genesis, David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Pink Floyd, Freddie Mercury, Brian May and "Queen", Noddy Holder, Jim Lee and "Slade", John Fogerty and "Creedence Clearwater Revival", David Bowie, Gary Moore and all the rock heroes of those times.

The names of the benefactors who supported the album: Taras Oliynyk, Alexander Shabalov, Evgeny Vershinin, Irina Slavinskaya, Alexander Kapustin, Olexandra Olga, Eugen Balaban, Nadia Berezyuk, Victor Kravchenko Vladimir, Nikita Nikiforov, Dmitry Karasev, Tatyana tsybulnik, Alexey Osadchiy, Nikolay Krul Max Kruglov, Nick, Igor Korsun, Tatiana Stepanova, Alexey Dyomin, Tatiana Dzyuba, Oleksandr Gumeniuk Vadym Berest, Olga, Olga Willard, Lanky Andron, Morgan Yopt, Taras andrusyak, Gleb Zinchenko, Svetlana Tkachenko, Andrey Boyko, Dmytro Popovych, Yuriy Senko, Dmitry Grushevsky, Anatoliy Stegniy, Yuriyy C, Shubovych Igor, Konstantin Alimov, Den Bortnikov-Kurganovski, Andrew Kobylin, Friends KG, Maxim Mamontov, Roman Sokhan, Andrew Longbody, Yuriyy Senko, Elena Dimitrova, Vladimir Linsky, Andrew Kovsher, ">Gromislav Ilya, Alexey Doroshenko, Roman Vermitsky, Dmytro Omelianiuk, Dmitry Girich.

Soon there will be an online version of the album "70/80".

Follow the news on websites http://7080.kg.org.ua and http://kg.org.ua

Happy spring!
Peace and happiness!