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Rock against will or happy birthday, "Kamyaniy gist"! (I. Zimina, article about the concert)

Everyone, at least once in your life, celebrates his birthday with a margin. Celebrates so that his heart was throbbing from the powerful flow of adrenaline. But if the birthday is celebrated together with friends, you know... But if this action takes place in the club, where you can hear some amazing live music... and if you sing it!!! So we got to the main hero for the day!

Thirteen years ago, on a lovely April day, was born a musical Prodigy – rock band "Kamyaniy gist"! Celebrating their 13th year of birth, each of the members of the band even for a moment , but remembered how it all began. As laborious at rehearsals played music, learned new songs, composed and brought to perfection, every piece. Here and last night was no exception.

Рок против примет или С днем рождения, "Kamyaniy gist"!

Anton Surmin, Yuriy Veres, Dmitry Bakry

Glad to introduce you to each member of the Rock group:

Yuriy Veres is the author and performer of songs, plays acoustic guitar and, more amazingly - the harmonica. Victor Chernetsky — not only surprises us with unique music on electric guitar, but also has a great responsibility for arranging works! Dmitry Bakry — well where do without a bass guitar?? Sergey Spatari enchants audiences with a wonderful sense of rhythm -  shock! And there was no way you shouldn't miss  – flute, unique sound which gives us Anton Surmin.

How you spent your Birth Team?

Kyiv rock group "Kamyaniy gist" welcomed all his friends, fans and lovers of rock music in the rock-n-roll club "Route 66". The children prepared a festive concert, which was presented as already performed songs and brand new compositions: "Theinspiration", "shaman's Blues", "Rain" in the new processing. A creative break was a success! And not only in creative but also in the organization itself.


Рок против примет или С днем рождения, "Kamyaniy gist"!

Dmitry Bakry

Not stopping on the way to perfection, the band began recording their new album, whose name has not been disclosed, but the release date is scheduled for July of this year. Working on their concert program more than one month, each of the participants of the project  the maximum invested in the sound of your soul, your emotions. And that was rewarded with the requirements of the guests repeatedly for an encore!


Рок против примет или С днем рождения, "Kamyaniy gist"!

Victor Chernetsky

Yuriy Veres, lead singer and leader of the group, never ceases to amaze listeners. A brand new song you haven't heard the world were played at the concert as a gift to the guys, which will be carried out painstaking work to bring the song to a higher level. After all, how else? Everything written – must be heard! But if it is also the music, we heard a hundred times.


Рок против примет или С днем рождения, "Kamyaniy gist"!


Рок против примет или С днем рождения, "Kamyaniy gist"!

Yuriy Veres

Also, we note that the birthday and it was a pleasure to listen to and their friends who came to congratulate them. The special guest of the concert Maria Nikulina – opened the concert and welcomed all in attendance a truly enjoyable performance of songs. What was even more exciting is [the[[nbsp;hear the sound of one of the most ancient ethnic instruments – didgeridoo, which came to life in the hands of Nikita Efanova. The shaman still played the Blues...


Рок против примет или С днем рождения, "Kamyaniy gist"!

Maria Nikulina

Рок против примет или С днем рождения, "Kamyaniy gist"!


Рок против примет или С днем рождения, "Kamyaniy gist"!

Nikita Efanov, didgeridoo

After a stormy birthday celebration, will be the Second international festival of historical reenactment of the middle ages "Battle of Nations", which the whole year was looking forward to both participants and spectators. The festival will take place from 30 April to 3 may 2011. in Khotyn fortress in Khotyn, Chernivtsi region (detailed information can be found as always in the world wide web).

Рок против примет или С днем рождения, "Kamyaniy gist"!

I heartily congratulate the whole team, "Kamyaniy gist" and wish them conquer the highest peaks of creativity and the depths of human hearts!

Photo: Ruslan Absurdov

The author Ivanna Zimina