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Announcement: Big Sunday concert

18 December, "porter pub"  on Podol (str-Konstantinovskiy, 2) group "Kamyaniy gist" will play a big concert.

Sunday winter evening is not the reason to stay home! When it's cold outside and dark it's nice to meet with friends in cozy pubs, drinking mulled wine and listening to music. A magical duet of two flutes, mystical didgeridoo and sincere lyrics create a  the unique energy of the evening.

No cost and no surprises. Group "Kamyaniy gist" will present listeners brand new Ukrainian version of the most famous shamans of rock music group The Doors.

We expect you and your friends at St. Kostyantinivska, 2 (opposite gate. M "Kontraktovaya"). Admission is free. As a gift to everyone - sincere music and positive energy for next week!

The concert starts at 21:00

Концерт группы Kamyaniy gist в клубе Портер на Подоле