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"Kamyaniy gist" starts "Rock-revival"

Kamyaniy gist начинает Рок-возрождениеKyiv group "Kamyaniy gist" starts working on a new project "Rock-revival", where the songs of the legends of world rock music such as The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, "Jethro Tull", etc., will sound in Ukrainian.

Presentation of "Rock revival" will be held in autumn 2012 in one of the capital's clubs. The project will consist of 12 songs, which will then be registered as an individual record.
The first song from the project "Rock revival" will be performing on March 20 at the club "Bochka Pyvna" (Bohdan Khmelnytsky street, 3-B 1) at a solo concert group "Kamyaniy gist". It will be the famous song of The Doors - "People are strange".

Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 3-B 1 (M. "Teatralna"). Beginning at 21:00.