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"Ukrainian Rock-n-roll" - "Kamyaniy gist" live on Radio "Promin"

Гурт Кам`яний ГістьToday, may 10 at 22:08 on radio "Promin" (Kyiv is 71.3 MHz) in the live program of "Ukrainian rock-n-roll" "Kamyaniy gist" will present the first song from the project "Rock-revival".

In a two-hour live "Kamyaniy gist" will play an acoustic version of the Ukrainian version of "People are strange" by the group "The Doors and a few of his own songs. There will also be live communication with musicians.

Everyone will be able to call the live Studio phone: 239-60-19 or text with questions to number 066 22-15-15-4.

The Ukrainian version of "People are strange" legendary "The Doors" became the first work of the project "Rock-revival", which the band "Kamyaniy gist" began in late 2011.

The Kyiv students had the opportunity to evaluate the musical interpretation of this song on the band's concerts in December 2011 and March 2012.

"Rock revival" project, in which songs of the legends of world rock music such as The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, "Jethro Tull" and other sound in Ukrainian. It should be noted that all translations and musical interpretations are the own creations of the group.

The project will be released album, which will include 12 songs in the original treatment. The release is scheduled for October of this year. Presentation of "Rock revival" will be held this autumn in one of the capital's clubs.

So, listen today, may 10 at 22:08 on radio "Promin" in live program "Ukrainian rock-n-roll" band "Kamyaniy gist". Ask questions on the phone 239 -60-19, send SMS to number 066 22-15-15-4, or on the radio site via the macropoker:

To listen "Promin" online:

From 6.00 TO 24.00 you can listen to the radio "Promin" on the following frequencies:

  • Kyiv and Kyiv oblast is 71.3 MHz; from 6.00 to 10.00 - 105.0 MHz
  • in Kirovograd - 68,84 MHz,
  • in Lviv - 68,99 MHz,
  • in Kremenchug 71,21 MHz,
  • in Poltava - 73,88 MHz,
  • Exactly - 67,46 MHz,
  • in the winery - 68,57 MHz,
  • in Zhytomyr - 71,9 MHz,
  • in Lutsk - 72,38 MHz,
  • in Uzhgorod - 71,54 MHz,
  • Khust - 71,9 MHz,
  • in sum - 67.28 MHz,
  • in Kharkov - is at 67.91 MHz,
  • in Khmelnytskyi - 70, 46 MHz,
  • in Cherkassy - 70.64 MHz,
  • Chernivtsi - 67.19 MHz,
  • in Mirgorod, Velikaya Bagachka, Sinikova, Khorol, Poltava oblast - 68.6 MHz,
  • in Trostianets, Okhtyrka - 69.92 MHz,
  • in Lozova Kharkiv region - 71,75 MHz,
  • in Olevsk in Zhytomyr region - 69.8 MHz,
  • in koriukivka of Chernihiv region - 68.27 MHz,
  • in Kamianets-Podilskyi - 72,89 MHz,
  • in Shostka, Novgorod-Siverskyi - 67,49 MHz,
  • in Gadyach of Poltava region - 105, 9 MHz.,
  • in Ternopil - 71,75 MHz.