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Yuriy Veres on radio Era FM

Книги09.06.2012 18:08 listen live on radio "Era FM" (96,0 FM). The guests of the program "Pora rocku" by Andriy Kulykov, the leader of the group "Kamyaniy gist" Yuriy Veres. Let's talk about literature, about the impact of your favorite books on creativity and attitude. Help the works of prominent writers in search of inspiration, and what books are worth reading musicians.
All this and many other novelties, in particular one of the original songs from the forthcoming album "Chateau-Gaillard", in the format of a pleasant conversation with interesting people. Join us!. All listeners and Zvonilov waiting for the traditional program "Pora rocku" contest!
Phone live: 044 536-96-00