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Take part in the survey! Determine the best scenario for the song "Pid plach gitary moyei"

Kamyaniy gist - УорхолCongratulations to the winner of the contest for the best scenario. The audience award goes to Alexander Shynkar.

Also you can vote on the group page In Contact:

The texts of the scenarios can be found at the following links:

Scenario # 1. Dmitry Melnik |   http://vk.com/topic-16525583_27955431

Scenario # 2. Alexander Shynkar |   http://vk.com/topic-16525583_27955360

Scenario # 3. Juliana Leva |   http://vk.com/topic-16525583_27955288

Scenario # 4. Igor Krizhanovsky |   http://vk.com/topic-16525583_27955260

Scenario # 5. Catherine |  https://vk.com/topic-16525583_27962938