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Today, the song of "Kamyaniy gist" in the program "Pora rocku" to "Era FM". Yuriy Veres - guest live on air Hromadske radio

pora rokuToday, 06.12.2013 20:08 listen to the author's program of Andrey Kulikov, "Pora rocku" to "Era FM" (96,00 Fm), which will feature a new version of the song "Kuala zozulen" from the future album "Tam, za goramy"  from the group "Kamyaniy gist".
Era FM Online - http://www.radioera.com.ua/

Starting with 21:00, listen direct broadcasting "Hromadske radio" on the waves "Europa Plus" (107 Fm). Guest Studio - Yuri Veres.
Europa Plus Online - http://europa.fm/