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Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the visuals to the song "Tam, za goramy"


Dinner Guests (V. Melnichenko, an article about the concert)

11-th of April in Kyiv bike-rock-n-roll club "Route 66" hosted the concert of famous Kyiv rock group "Kamyaniy gist". The group celebrated its 13th anniversary and it's safe to say, very Mature. After the start of the concert to the club were not allowed visitors, because there was no free space and the audience had no place to sleep.

The Inspiration

Introducing our new song "The Inspiration". You can listen online using the player that is in the right column of our website or download in the section "Audio". This instrumental can also be heard and seen on the celebration of the birth of the group "Kamyaniy gist", which will be held April 11, 2011 in Kyiv club "Route 66", beginning at 20:00..04.2011 in the bike-rock-n-roll club Route 66 (Kyiv, Zhilyanskaya str., 87/30), beginning at 20:00.

Thirteenth birthday, April Monday, or Rock against will

11 April in Kyiv club "Route 66" will be a celebration of the birth of the rock group "Kamyaniy gist". "The holiday concert will be special. We take a ride in a kind of time machine, with the help of music back to the days of the founding of the group and gradually moving to modern times", – said the leader of the group Yuri Veres.  in Addition to the already beloved songs listeners, the group will present a new instrumental composition "The Inspiration". Also this evening for the first time will feature a restored version of the song "Rain" from the album "Dance with time".

Group Kamyaniy gist has started recording a new album

The album will consist of eleven diverse, complementary songs, like tiles, to create a coherent picture. The task that the musicians have put before ourselves, – to make an album as possible "live" with a minimal number of treatments, trying to get the sound you want directly in the recording process.