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New song Blues shamana

On this song we worked for a long time. In the recording process used a lot of ethnic instruments (two different didgeridoo, mouth harp, rainstick, and a variety of other grucelski and treweeke).

Listen to a song is possible through our online playlist or download in Audio.

Yuriy Veres: ...my country is now similar to LEGO...

"Kamyaniy gist" refers to those groups who, experimenting with style and sound, trying to make the Ukrainian music bright and unusual.
In 2010, the group participated in many festivals, traveling around different regions of Ukraine, and at the rock festival "Premiere" won the first place.
In this interview, the group leader Yuriy Veres shared his views on music and life

Юрий ВересPresentation of the concert program "Po goryzontu do nebes" in photos
Author photo by Ruslan Absurdov

Thank you to everyone who attended the presentation of the new concert program of group "Kamyaniy gist" "On the horizon to heaven." It's nice that all the seats were occupied an hour before the concert and during the concert club "Route 66" was Packed. The audience is pleased with his positive attitude and support. In addition to hour programme, consisting of new songs, K. G. played many songs from their earlier stuff. We have received great pleasure from the concert.

Not without weird circumstances. After the song about the old shaman sounded the didgeridoo, have become incredibly hard to sing. In subsequent compositions clearly bugged by strange sounds and melodies, which makes it much more difficult to focus. On the title song "the horizon to the heavens" parallel noise is so loud that I had to intone almost at random. It is not excluded that on stage were some kind of interference in the monitors, but the other musicians didn't hear them, and recording the concert, everything is clean. Surprisingly, after the song "Kuala zozulen" again sounded the didgeridoo, mysterious sounds have disappeared. For a reason there are legends about the magical properties of one of the most ancient of instruments and of his mysterious influence on people.

Special attention and thanks to the speech by special guest Maria Nikulina. Her beautiful voice tonight sounded unforgettable.

The concert was a success, it was great..

Premiere of the song Ihaly kozaky

Beginning 1 November, on the radio "Lviv hvilya" listen to the premiere of the song "Ihaly kozaky" from group "Kamyaniy gist"..