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The Kyivan Rus Park is a project that deserves attention

Warm atmosphere, good energy, good organization, big stage, quality sound, interesting show program. So, in a nutshell, you can describe the action that took place in the Park "Kyivan Rus".

May 30, perform in the Kyivan Rus Park

May 30, the group "Kamyaniy gist" will perform at the festival "Proper rock" in the Park "Kyivan Rus", which is located in the village of Kopachiv (34 km from Kyiv).

&Nbsp;Day of Kyiv on 29-30 Travnya "Park Kyivska Rus" two musical programs presentbut 30 ukranska rock hurts. Suchasna culture podovinikoff with words anskim seredniaky flavour: folk Sabawi, Masov of guliana, showing stolichnogo suit deponovati program svetkana day Kyiv in the Park.

Another great concert

May 16, 2010 in the Kyiv club "Route 66" took place a concert of "Kamyaniy gist" and "Yarra". Rock cocktail with the properties of the energy drink was extremely tasty. Fun crowd, good sound, relaxing ambiance and interesting music are the main ingredients of a cocktail. Thanks to the club for refreshments, and to the public for the smiles..

афиша Kamyaniy gist в Route 66May 16, 2010 in the club "Route 66" (Zhilyanskaya str., 87/30) will Rock the Party with participation of the Kyiv group "Kamyaniy gist" and "Yarra". Concerts these commands − tasty rock-a cocktail of positive feelings and astounding energy. After the joint surveys on TV, the first group will present the program, which will be the basis of their new albums. The meditative sound of the harp, the exclusivity of the combination of flute and driving guitar, a variety of ethnic motifs, deep lyrics and emotions – all of this can be heard in the club "Route 66" on may 16. The concert starts at 20:00.

Every concert is the best

"Kamyaniy gist" made in Kherson on the rock-off. By results of voting of spectators and jury members, we have won this summer and going to the festival to the Black sea. Colleagues from "Gras itemno", which took second place, sounded professional and interesting. From our point of view they also deserve the trip to the festival. The audience was charmed. Support was powerful, the atmosphere is nice, I wanted to play until the morning. Thanks to all and special thanks to Gregory Borzenko for the professional organization of the event.