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April 24 Kamyaniy gist will be in Kherson at the stadium Korabel

April 24, stadium "Korabel" (the Island), 17-00

Producer TV show "ROCK DEBYUT" Regional battle: back Cover Kherson, Kherson Line 5 Ukrainian battle: the Gras Itemno Nikolaev, Kyiv Kamyaniy gist Guest project: CROSSROADS Kharkov

Kamyaniy gist и Ярра в ШтольнеOn 16 April in Kyiv club "Shtolnya" (Potekhina str., 12) will take place a joint concert of group "Yarra" and "Kamyaniy gist". You will enjoy a unique energy, quality of sound and variety of musical styles. To familiarize with creativity of group "Yarra" on the page Vkontakte: http://vkontakte.ru/club3658918. See you at the concert! Beginning at 20:00. Entrance: 50 UAH.

Kamyaniy gist ВКонтактеThe group "Kamyaniy gist" now Vkontakte:

Join us!.

Группа Kamyaniy gist в полтавском клубе Сто доріг6 March 2010, the group "Kamyaniy gist" together with Maria Nikulina acted in the Poltava club "Sto dorig". The concert was presented new musical material which, judging by hall reaction, the fans liked it.  we are left with the most pleasant experience of Poltava and from the club. It is not excluded that in the autumn we will be back with a concert in this city.

Афиша. Мария Никулина и Kamyaniy gist в Полтаве 06.03.2010March 6, 2010 in Poltava (art-cafe "Sto dorig"), Paris commune street, 18), held the joint concert of Maria Nikulina and groups "Kamyaniy gist".
Beginning at 19:00..