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Выступление группы Kamyaniy gist на украинском туре группы Крематорий (ДК НАУ, 17.10.2009)Group "Kamyaniy gist" performed two joint concerts with the group "Krematoriy", in Kharkov (16.10.2009) and Kyiv (17.12.2009). Thanks to the public for their support and special thanks to the group "Krematoriy" for the opportunity of the speech.

Submitted demo recordings of new songs. They are available for listening on our website. Thank you very much Taras Bolgak for quality sound work.

On October, 16th in Kharkov (CCH "Ukraine") and on 17 October in Kyiv (DK NAU), a group of "Kamyaniy gist" will take part in the concerts of the Ukrainian tour of group "Krematoriy", which this year celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary.

After a prolonged pause, "Kamyaniy gist" back to creative work. New material will be in the Ukrainian language.

Our website is working again. Now with a new design. So far, put a shortened version. Soon start extended. :)