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З Новим роком та Різдвом!

Friends, we decided to share with you fragments of compositions from the new album "Plyne chas" of the group "Kamyaniy gist". You will hear the full versions of the songs tomorrow (December 5) at a concert to be held at the Docker-G Pub. Beginning at 21:00.
And although the official release of the album is scheduled for early 2020, you can get a new album earlier, directly at the presentation.
We draw your attention to the fact that the event will be held in the club "Docker-G Pub", which is located on Podil, and not on Obolon. Address: Kiev, st. Embankment-Khreshchatitskaya, 5/13. Waiting for you!
There are not many free places left. Hurry up to order tickets right now: https://kiev.karabas.com/ua/kam-yanij-gist-1/

Let's help the little princess!

Friends, important news!
The musicians of the Stone Guest group decided to continue the good tradition and make a presentation of the new album in the format of a charity event!
This time we will help the little Princess Sofia. Diagnosis: cerebral palsy and West syndrome (malignant epilepsy). Little Heroine regularly practices with an instructor in exercise therapy, with a trainer in the pool, with a speech therapist, with a special teacher, as well as hippotherapy. This is a titanic work for both the girl and her parents. But it brings incredible results - Sofia is actively recovering!

Friends, we recall that the presentation of the new album of the Kamyaniy Gist band will take place next Thursday. We are waiting for you on December 5 at the club "Docker-G pub". Beginning at 21:00.

On November 10, the Kamyaniy Gist group will be on the air of Hromadske Radio!

On November 10, at 17:07, turn on Hromadske Radіo and listen to the author’s program Pora Rocku, in which its author Andrii Kulykov will communicate with the musicians of the Kam'yaniy gist band. We’ll talk about the new album, and also play some live songs for you.