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 Yuriy Veres: What mood you have, and the kind of music you listen to

Interview for the magazine "Business area".

As we wrote recently Kyiv group "Kam'yany gіst" released the album "70/80", a rehash of Ukrainian classic rock hits. On this occasion, we talk to the leader of the group Yuriy Veres music and not only.

Please tell us about the origin of the band name.
Selecting the name of the group is somewhat similar to the choice of name for a person. It is the responsible thing. We could not decide what kind of a name to give our baby. There were a lot of options, but all that did not suit. In one of the gatherings, it was back in 1998, we tried to find the name, calling any words and phrases - all that came into his head. That's when someone said - "Kam'yany gіst". I felt the energy and the sound - this is exactly what you need.

Album 70/80 is presented!

Friends, thank you to everyone who attended the presentation of "70/80"!
Nice to know that "Kamyaniy gist" has such a good audience.
We are grateful for your charity and warmth.
The concert gathered nearly 15 000 UAH. Funds have already been transferred to the injured undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at the Central military hospital.

Radio-presentation of the album 70/80 group Kamyaniy gist - today on Radio Era

Listen to Radio-presentation of the album "70/80" group "Kamyaniy gist", today (6 March 2015), on radio "Era", in the program "Pora rocku"


Site of the album 70/80


Appeared the official site of the album "70/80".
Address: http://7080.kg.org.ua

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March 6, 2015 will be a presentation of the album 70/80

Do you have any idea how would the world of rock-hits, if they were written in Ukraine? How different would be the legendary song "Come Together" the group "The Beatles" if its authors were not British, and Ukrainians? What the sound would be the songs of the cult band The Doors, if they were filled with the melodiousness of the Ukrainian language? Answer you can find on the concert-presentation of new album "70/80" group "Kamyaniy gist" that will take place on 6 March in Kyiv club "Caribbean".