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We invite you to our concert in DOCKER pub!

We invite all to a concert on the occasion of the birthday of "Kamyaniy gist". 14.05.2015 - DOCKER pub. Beginning at 21:00

Viter des nosyt (Blowi' in the wind) - New Video

New video for the song "Wind here" from the album "60/70" group "Kamyaniy gist". The legendary "Blowin' in the wind" Bob Dylan in the Ukrainian translation.

The album 70/80 in free access

We are glad to present you the online version of the new album "70/80" group "Kamyaniy gist". This is a new version of the album, which is different from the CD version.

Birthday of the Kamyaniy gist - a holiday drive at DOCKER Pub!

14 may 2015 group "Kamyaniy gist" invites all to a concert on the occasion of his birthday. The celebration will be held in the capital's Docker Pub is one of the most famous rock ' n ' roll venues of Kyiv, with its unique musical atmosphere.
This evening "Kamyaniy gist" will play their best songs and give the audience a new concert program "60/80", with the Ukrainian versions of songs by the legendary "The Beatles", "The Doors", "Queen", "Creedence Clearwater Revival" , "RollingStones", "Genesis", "Slade", "Pink Floyd", "Rainbow", "UriahHeep", "JethroTull", Gary Moore, David Bowie, Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan. Most translations, as well as brand new arrangements, is the achievement of the group's musicians "Kamyaniy gist". It is worth to hear live!

Buy album 70/80

Friends, now you have the opportunity to buy the "70/80" by engaging in good deeds. All proceeds from the sale will go to support wounded soldiers.

The album "70/80" is a non-profit and is distributed exclusively for charitable purposes. The cost of disk - 100 UAH.

Ordering can be done via the macropoker: http://7080.in.UA/formalbum