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The song Zakhodyvsya u viyni on Radio Era FM

Tomorrow, January 9, 2015 on the waves "Era FM" (Fm 96,00) listen to the author's program of Andrey Kulikov, "Pora rocku", which first performed the song "Zakhodyvsya u viyni" by "Kamyaniy gist". The program starts at 21:08.

Radio Era FM online: http://eramedia.com.ua/

The project page "Pora rocku": http://eramedia.com.ua/programs/56/


Happy New Year!

Friends, Happy New Year!
Let it bring peace, harmony and a lot of pleasant news.

Thank you!

Friends, thank you for the support plate "70/80" on the project "Spilnokosht"!
Also we are grateful to you for spreading information about our project in social networks, Internet portals, in Newspapers and magazines, on the radio and on TV!
Thanks to the team "BIGGGGIDEA" for creativity, professionalism and useful advice!

Thank you for what you have!

Only one day left!

Friends! Today is the deadline for our project on the crowdfunding website of the program "Spincast". Only one day left. You still have the chance to receive exclusive prizes from the group of "Kamyaniy gist" and to participate in the creation of records "70/80".

The most interesting facts and the history of the songs that will be included in the album 70/80

THE BEATLES: "Come Together" - "Idemo razom".The impression that Lennon wrote this song, traveling somewhere through parallel worlds. The text is too crowded with slang and allusions. We can only guess that it was referring to the author. There is an assumption that every verse of Come Together was written about one of the members of the group: George Harrison - "He one holy roller", Paul McCartney - "he wear no shoe-shine", John Lennon - "He got Ono sideboard" and Ringo Starr - "Got to be good looking".