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The photos from The Unusual Concert

Photos from "The Unusual concert" by "Kamyaniy gist", which took place last Saturday in the rehearsal room "KOVbazza". Thanks to all the guests for their warm attitude and support! You are the best! Thanks Maria Nikolaeva for these wonderful photos.

An Unusual Concert of the group Kamyaniy gist will be held this Saturday

In gratitude for your charity group "Kamyaniy gist" will play a special concert, which will feature not only the familiar songs but also new songs from future album "70/80". It will be a real presentation for a narrow circle of listeners. The uniqueness of the concert in the fact that the format of the event will be the rehearsal. This means that besides a large number of loud music will be more interesting communication.

70/80: prizes for charity – The Unusual Concert

Support plate "70/80" and visit the "Unusual concert" - a special rehearsal of the group "Kamyaniy gist", where we will play a full concert program. You will hear not only the familiar songs from the albums "60/70" and "There, far off", but also brand new compositions from the future album, which will sound for the first time. It will be a real presentation for a narrow circle of listeners.

День Незалежності

70/80: Prizes for a charity - photowalk in Kyiv together with the Kamyaniy gist

Support plate "70/80" and will receive a special gift - your photo session performed by the great Maria Nikolaeva. Maria has over 10 years of experience lighting events group "Kamyaniy gist" in the media, organizes concerts and produces different photos. All this she does with a special inspiration and at a high level, and we are very grateful. But most of all, Maria gets pleasure from photography. It is always felt in her unique work.