Kyiv, "Docker-G Pub"

The Kamyaniy Gist group is pleased to invite you to the presentation of their new album “Plyne Chas” on which the musicians have been working enthusiastically over the past few years! The event will take place on December 5, 2019 at the Kiev Docker-G Pub club, which this evening will turn into a real festive venue.

“Kamyaniy Gist” has prepared for you a vivid concert program containing not only songs from the new album, but also your best songs. You will also hear Ukrainian versions of the legendary rock hits of the 60-80s (“The Beatles”, “The Doors”, “Creedence Clearwater Revival”, “Slade”, “Rainbow”, Janice Joplin, Bob Dylan, Gary Moore and others. ) Recall that most of the translations, as well as the arrangements, were created by the Kam'yaniy gіst group. It's worth hearing live!

It will not do without the traditional prize draw, in which you can win a new album and other gifts.

Come December 5th to Docker-G Pub! It will be hot! The concert starts at 21:00.

Please note that the official release of Pline Hour is scheduled for early 2020, but the group decided to give fans a nice gift by presenting their fifth studio album on the eve of the New Year holidays. Therefore, at a concert you can get a freshly baked disc earlier than it goes on sale.

Hurry up to buy promotional tickets now! Their value will gradually increase, and the number will decrease.

You can order tickets at the link:

Official site of the Kam’yaniy gіst group:

Club address: Kyiv, st. Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska, 5/13

Phone for inquiries: 095 280-83-40

Club website:

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Video of Kam’yaniy gіst group:

The official video for the song "There, Around the Hill":

Video accompaniment for the song “Tell me, friend”:

Video accompaniment for the re-singing of the song "Blowin 'in the wind" by Bob Dylan:

Video accompaniment for re-singing the song "People are strange" by The Doors:

Live video of the concert of Kam’yaniy Gist at the Docker-G Pub club (2018)