16.03.2002 - Kyiv

World day against the police/police brutality

16 March world day of world day against the police/police brutality
against too aggressive imposition of power, against
education of the consciousness of subordinates.

The main function of the police is to protect existing social and
the state system, police direct the representative of the interests of the state. What
can be said about the state in which almost no one can be calm,
when it is outside of the machine?

Not necessarily to be a criminal to be subjected to police
violence enough to be a teenager, an informal-looking man
or just later find themselves on the street, someone from another race,
fighter for social justice or freedom of speech.

Played: Kamyaniy gist, The Vareniks, Viranda, Far, etc.

Date: March 16, 2002
Place: KYIV, Blues club "Buddy Guy"