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10.04.2004 - Kyiv

Shipbuilding College. The opening of the rock club "OK.Rock"

The opening 10 April 2004 Kyiv Rock club'a "OK.Rock"&nbsp]] is] is an accomplished fact.

As it was:  lot wonderful,  some things quite lop-eared, but&nbsp]] the[[nbsp]] the]whole is WELL. Something done, something there, something in seletively the last moment,  something it goes great at it. Better luck next [a[[nbsp;- means everything is OK.Rock, if it was [a[[nbsp;all without a hitch - cost [a[[nbsp;would be suspicious.

Well that:
the launch concert took place (and&nbsp]] the[[nbsp;addition of teams entered, there was a great folk band "Sunray")
In the&guide;the hall was to the people, and many stayed to end,
It was unexpectedly decent press
In the&guide;the hall was filmed by TC ,"TET",
The sound was decent enough,
Arrived "44" and fed the musicians.

So many people really need the&guide;there[[nbsp;done. &Nbsp;we have plenty of strength, energy and desires to continue the job.

Wanted to  in next time:
delay the start of the concert
The lack of beer (snack bar closed),
Some skomorochi what is happening.

A huge thank you to:
Sound engineers: Eugene Husak and Anatoly Soroka(VIJ),
Hall coordinators: Alexander Fedorov and , Alexander Marchenko,
Participants start concert groups:
VIJ, Day Zaщиты Children, Kamyaniy gist, Stone, Sunray, Attics, solar Dog.

Our plans:  stop and made move forward, given ( no repeating) errors.

Information http://www.rock.kiev.ua